Conference of SWFI

Sl. No. Venue Date Comrade President Comrade General Secretary
1 Durgapur 08th - 10th January 1982 Samar Mukherjee Jiban Bihari Roy
2 Rourkela 18th - 20th May 1985 M. K. Pandhe Jiban Bihari Roy
3 Bhilai 12th - 14th May 1988 M. K. Pandhe Mrinal Banerjee
4 Bokaro 23rd - 25th January 1994 M. K. Pandhe Mrinal Banerjee
5 Vizag 28th - 30th March 1999 M. K. Pandhe P. K. Das
6 Durgapur 16th - 17th August 2003 Ardhendu Dakshi P. K. Das
7 Burnpur 26th - 28th August 2007 Ardhendu Dakshi P. K. Das
8 Rourkella 07th - 09th December 2012 Tapan Sen P. K. Das
9 Bhilai 24th - 26th , November, 2019 Tapan Sen Lalit Mohan Mishra


SWFI is one of the major labour organization in India. It was founded in 1982 as a centre of the democratic workers in the steel industry having a membership strength of about 45000. It is the Federation of progressive trade unions; it opposes to imperialist globalization, championing the cause of working class and defending the economic sovereignty of India. SWFI is trying to organize the unorganized for fighting against the social & economical inequalities and anti-people policies of Government.
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