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The SWFI shall consist of

The Working Committee shall consist of not more than 125 members including

  • President
  • Working President
  • Eight Vice Presidents
  • General Secretary
  • Joint General Secretary
  • Twenty Secretaries
  • Treasurer
  • Asst. Treasurer
Not more than 125 working committee members on the basis of membership of each affiliated union. The working committee shall fix up the number of working committee from each unit subject to the condition that there shall be at least one member from each unit.

The name of the organization should be Steel Workers’ Federation of India ( to be designated in abbreviated form as the SWFI). The flag of the SWFI will be red in color with hammer and sickle in centre in white color, with the letters SWFI vertically on the left.

Aims & Objects :
  • To take necessary steps to save the steel industry from all the attacks (external or internal), emanating from the neo-liberal policies of the Government, obsolete technology, undue imports including dumping, unwarranted closures and corrupt practices and demand timely modernization, expansion and cost saving measures etc for the growth and viability of the steel Industry.

  • To take all efforts to improve the standards of living of the regular and contractor workers through negotiations and various forms of struggles.

  • To take all initiatives to improve the occupational health and safety standards of the workers and implementation of statutory and industry related pollution control measures.

  • To undertake regular training and educational programmes for the cadres and steel workers and improvement of better understanding of working class ideology and philosophy and its application for a social change.

  • Publication of books, news journals, documents etc to strengthen the communication network among our affiliated units, members and also public.

  • To motivate and monitor our initiatives on social issues foe developing broader unity between steel workers and members of the public. To build, develop and maintain greater unity and understanding with other national, regional trade unions and professional organizations. To develop international relations with class oriented trade unions of Other nations under the banner of WFTU.


SWFI is one of the major labour organization in India. It was founded in 1982 as a centre of the democratic workers in the steel industry having a membership strength of about 45000. It is the Federation of progressive trade unions; it opposes to imperialist globalization, championing the cause of working class and defending the economic sovereignty of India. SWFI is trying to organize the unorganized for fighting against the social & economical inequalities and anti-people policies of Government.

THE GENERAL CONFERENCE shall be the highest body in the SWFI and all units of SWFI derive their authority from it. The general conference of SWFI shall be held once in every four years. However, due to unavoidable circumstances if it cannot be held in the specified period the working committee is authorised to take appropriate decision to hold the conference at a next suitable time . The general conference shall consist of :- The delegates elected by the constituent unions / associations in accordance with the rules under the constitution and at a ratio of membership to be fixed by the Working Committee . The office bearers of the SWFI shall be elected as Ex officio delegates. The honorary members shall also be delegates with same rights . The functions and powers of general conference shall be as follows :-

  • To adopt the agenda of the conference.
  • To adopt the program and general policy of the SWFI.
  • To discuss and adopt the report presented by the General Secretary with or without change / modification .
  • To adopt the audited statement of accounts.
  • To adopt resolutions on current question affecting the working class and the people in India and aboard.
  • To take decisions of affiliation of Unions and disaffiliation and other types of disciplinary actions.
  • To amend the constitution of the Federation .
  • To elect How working Committee .
  • To elect new office bearers from amongst the delegates / honorary members .
  • The office members shall be elected after duly proposed and seconded by one or more delegates .No person who is not a delegate to the session shall be eligible to be elected as office bearer . In case there is no unanimous opinion on the proposal for new office bearers , the OB members shall be elected through secret ballot .
  • To discuss and adopt any other matter with the permission of the Chair / chairs .

A special session of the SWFI may be called by the working committee or on requisition from unions representing one fourth of the total strength of the membership of the SWFI in between regular session of SWFI. The special session shall have the same powers as the general conference .

Person who are not eligible to become ordinary delegates of the federation may be admitted as honorary members of the Federation for the purpose of being elected of Co-opted to the office bearer or to the working committee of the federation . Number of such members shall not excess 25% of the total number of the members in the working committee and 40 % of the total nos in the office bearers .

The affiliated unions / association shall be entitled to elected delegates on the following basis to the general or special conference of SWFI . One delegate for every 200 members or part there of (at least two from each affiliate unit ) . However working Committee may change the norms ascertaining the practical of the proposed session . The number of delegates which the affiliated union are entitled to send will be ascertained on the basis of paying members as shown in the audited annual return of the union for the calendar year prior to the session of SWFI on payment of updated application fees . Each delegate will have to pay a delegate fees as decided by the Working Committee prior to the General / Special Conference and delegate cards will be issued on production of certificate duly signed by the President / General Secretary / Jt. Secretary of the unio and on payment of delegate fees . Delegates mentioned above all shall be eligible for election to the working committee and election shall be made during sessions of the SWFI conference by the delegates present at the session . Normally elections to the bodies of SWFI will be held on the basis of voting The outgoing office bearers shall be the delegates in the conference with same right , with elected delegates .

Notice (mentioning time , place and agenda ) of the meeting of the working committee office bearers of the general conference shall be issued by the General Secretary in accordance with the procedure . At least 15 days notice shall be required for the meeting of the working committee and at least 60 days shall be required for the session for the conference .

The Working Committee shall have power to remove or expel any office bearer or any member of the working committee guilty of the activities hostile to the working class activities and prejudicial to the interest of SWFI . Before taking such action, the person concerned shall be given all opportunity for his self defence . The individual or unions concerned shall have the right to appeal to the conference .

Working Committee shall have the power to make by – law consistent with the constitution .

A General / special conference shall have the power to amend the constitution of SWFI.A notice of amendment to be given 30 days in advance by the office bearers / working committee . Any unit also can suggest amendment to the working committee well in advanced placement in the conference . The amendment shall be adopted by the minimum of 2/3 of the delegates participating in the conference .

Federation may seek affiliation with any like minded international organization in furtherance of the interest of SWFI . Working Committee shall take decision for international affiliation .

Attendance of minimum of one third members / delegates shall be required for quorum of a) Working Committee b) General Conference .

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