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18-05-2020 May Day Greetings
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06-02-2020 The first meeting of newly elected office bearers of SWFI will be held on 24/02/2020 in IISCo house (50 Chowringee, opposite to Birla Planetarium) at Kolkata. Please attend the meeting positively at 4 pm. ----- Lalit Misra

The first meeting of newly elected working committee of SWFI will be held on 25/02/2020 at Kolkata in Surya Sen street (office of CITU Kolkata dist committee). You are requested to plan your journey to attend the meeting positively. The meeting will start sharply at 10 am.

It is for your kind information that tentative date for NJCS meeting is scheduled on 4th March 2020. L M Misra GS, SWFI
01-03-2019 The next meeting of working committee of SWFI will be held on 25th March , 2019 at Kolkata . P. K. Das
8-02-2019 Next NJCS Meetting will be held on 1st March instead of 22nd February . P.K. Das .
26-01-2019 Next JCSSI meetting will be held on 11th February ( Award giving Programme ) and 12th February ,2019 at Ranchi ; there will be speech & Presentation from Trade Unions; Please take initiative for its' Success.
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28-09-2018 All India united general strike on 8th and 9th January , 2019
14-09-2017 SWFI SAFTY SUB COMMETTEE meeting will be held on 16th September 2017 from 3 PM at Kolkata District CITU Office , No 55 Surya Sen Street , near Sealdah Railway station . Registration (& Lunch ) will start from 2 PM . Prodyut Mukherjee.
14-09-2017 SWFI WC meeting will be held on 16th September 2017 from 10:00 am to 3 pm at Kolkata District. CITU Office , Surya Sen Street , near Sealdah Railway station . Followed by safety Sub Committee meeting from 3:00 pm . P.K. Das
08-04-2017 Steel Workers Federation of India
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23-09-2016 NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON SAFETY by SWFI will be held on 26-09-2016 at 10.30AM onwards at Kolkata District CITU Office, near Sealdah Railway station, No. 55 surya Sen Street, KOLKATA; please take initiatives to make it a grand Success.
22-09-2016 NO decision was taken in HRA Meeting. Bonus meeting will be on 3rd October.pension issue was discussed. BMS AGREED to accept NJCS settlement, if Management talk to them.
17-09-2016 meeting of NJCS Sub Committee on HRA- HRR will happen on 22-09-2016 at 3 PM in Delhi
21-06-2016 Report on Ngcs
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21-01-2016 RED SALUTE Bhilai Steel workers- CITU won the Trade Union Recognition Election happened on 20-01-2016 by 1059 margin.CITU 6674, 37 %; INTUC 5615,31%; Munch 4030,22%; BMS 514,SWU 438,BWU 380,AITUC 119,AICCTU 105, HMS 51, LOOM 44
Agenda Note for W C Meeting on 13th January, 2016 at Kolkata

Com. W C Members please note that there are many important agendas in this one day meeting. Agenda Note is sent in advance by Email so that comrades can come fully prepared to give their opinion in brief in the meeting.
Homage : SWFI WC Pay homage to Comrade A B Bardhan. A veteran leader of the Working Class movement and General Secretary of AITUC who expired on 3rd January, 2016.
The WC Members deeply mourned on the death of our beloved leader, Comrade Prasanna Kumar, General Secretary of Karnataka State Committee of CITU. SWFI will always remember his personal efforts to unite permanent and contractor workers of VISL.
SWFI OB Mourned on the accident death of Ananta Shaw, age 50 contractor worker of DSP on who was run over to death on 9th December and D D James, age 49 contractor worker of RMP 3, Bhilai Steel Plant fell from height on 14th December.
SWFI Pay homage to those who were killed in Manipur earthquake and was killed due to attack by extremists at Pathankot.
1. Review of Bokaro Strike – Bokaro Strike is very important on many counts. There was 80% to 95% strike without any picketing, major gate meetings or mass meetings, and also without shop level organization. This is the biggest ever strike in any steel plant. SWFI Leaflet played an important role. But most important is the anger against the management due to totally autocratic attitude of the executives and the personal department. The NJCS unions are also defamed. Small unions played an important role. When they read in newspaper that INTUC, AITUC, HMS, BMS unilaterally deferred the strike, they wanted to show their anger through this spontaneous action. Workers entered the gate, refused to start work and came out en-mass deserting the CO, BF, SMS, CRM, HSM, HRCF, CCS, and the whole plant. Workers were very jubilant and in festive mood as they came out of the gate. Young workers played important role. We are to be very careful to tackle this anger at Bokaro. CITU should apply their mind to find ways and means to convert this spontaneous action into organized struggle in near future.
However, following review of this strike may be accepted–
a) We are miserably failed to politically educate the workers to identify real enemies of the working class. There was miserably poor response on 2nd September historic strike against the policies of BJP Government and in previous strikes.
b) There are serious anger against the management due to their totally autocratic attitude on industrial relation problems. Similar situation we witnessed in 2002 Bokaro strike against deduction of Bonus amount. But, we are unable to convert it into organization by developing a few numbers of shop level cadres and leaders. This is not an organized effort, but manifestation of their anger through spontaneous strike.
c) The NJCS Unions, INTUC, AITUC, HMS and BMS also are totally defamed among the workers of Bokaro. Workers relied more on small local unions and have trust on CITU. But CITU is unable to convert it into organization. On the other hand, we experienced that same INTUC won recognition election in Vizag & ASP and BMS in Rourkela with record vote. We must remember that there is no class philosophy behind any local union in any steel plant like Bokaro, Vizag, Rourkela etc. Only CITU has to take a definite role to develop political consciousness among the steel workers.
d) If we are unable to concentrate our serious efforts on political education among an enlightened section of workers, we shall be farther defamed in future as economic crisis will bound to snatch many existing rights of the workers. Instead of blaming the policies of ruling party, workers will only blame the unions for their incompetency or compromising role. CITU will be of no exception. There is no magic in politics. Everything is scientifically determined.
e) Here we are analyzing the issue on Bokaro perspective, but situation is almost same in Rourkela, DSP, ASP, Bhilai etc.
f) All our affiliated unions are to take serious efforts to sale booklets against the policies of BJP Govt and other campaign materials to develop class anger. Propaganda must be taken as most important agenda in unions. Unions must keep record on sale of campaign materials against each of the OB Members. Comrade WC Members are requested to give their suggestion for modification if any.

2. Outcome of 21st December NJCS Meeting – We took very rich lesson from the strike call on 19th Nov and 3rd Dec. We could expose compromising attitude on any struggle by Trinamool INTUC, BMS, HMS, INTUC, and AITUC. All of them declared defer or withdrawal on 30th Nov and 1st Dec. Workers were also not very keep for success of the strike where we have strong organization. Management got the massage and took a very tough stand on further discussion on bonus issue. There is no shortcut method to overcome this situation. We are to take four ways strategy to protect the right and benefits of the 7 Lakh plus 12 Lakh direct and indirect steel workers, Indian steel industry and National economy.
a) To take all steps to unite all trade unions working in steel industry on common issues.
b) To undertake massive campaign against the policies of Congress and BJP that jeopardized the future of Indian Steel industry.
c) To unite Trade Unions as well as the owners of steel plants to fight against the anti nation policies of BJP government.
d) To fight against the SAIL & RINL Management against the steps to shift the burden of the crisis on steel workers. We are to take preparation for two days strike through secret ballot in consultation with other trade unions.

3. All Trade Union Meeting at Rourkela on 6th January, 2016 at the initiative of SWFI : It was a very successful effort taken by SWFI Leadership to build united platform of steel workers. CITU, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, AICCTU, UTUC & Independent TU Leadership attended this meeting and participated in open discussion. BMS and Tranamool INTUC refused to attend this meeting. There were well representation from SWFI Units as – VISL (6), DSP(4), ASP(2), RSP (4), SSP(2), BSL(3), BSP(1), CMO(1), BSL Kol (1), ISP Kol (1), RINL(1), SWFI (2). Kalta (2), Barsua (2). Only ISP was absent. RSP Comrades made very good arrangement for this meeting. The Joint Declaration, Common Demands and Action Plan is enclosed in Annexure 1 & 2. We are to follow the decisions and Action Plan religiously.
a) Immediately we printed a poster in line with the decision of Rourkela convention.
b) There will be Joint Demonstration on 28th January in all units. Memorendum will be sent in consultation with other unions.

4. CAT Case on HPL Limit by SWFI – We partially won the case on HPL Limit at CAT at Kolkata. CAT Passed an order that who retired from March 2013 to April 2014, their deducted amount will be refunded. This will have substantial financial benefit for many workers and executives who retired during this period, and will have some financial implication on SAIL. SAIL May go to High Court to delay the implementation. In case we decide to fight at High Court, it will have huge expenditure. Not a single rupee was collected by our Unions at the call of SWFI. SEFI also withdrawn from the case due to financial burden. Now only SWFI and CMO bear its expenses.

5. Closure of City Offices – In an aim to control cost, SAIL suddenly transferred large number of workers of BSP, RSP and BSL to plants citing decision of SAIL Board to close down city offices of SAIL Plants like BSL, ISP, DSP, ASP, BSP etc located at Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata etc within 31st December. Many of the city offices are doing very effective jobs on shipping, purchase, marketing, GSI liaison, coal India, Rail movement, medical liaison etc. Individual offices have little bargaining power due to their very limited staff strength.
Actions taken: a) Unions of the Unit wrote letter to DP SAIL with justification of this office at city. b) SWFI wrote a letter to Chairman immediately in protest of this decision mentioning logical justification to retain these offices. C) Com Tapan Sen with Sri Sanjeeb Reddy meet Chairman SAIL on 5th January to lodge protest. But, there is no action by SAIL till date.

6. Bhilai Recognition Election – Date for Recognition Election at Bhilai is fixed on 20th January. Bhilai Comrades expressed their inability to attend this WC Meeting. Bhilai Election is very important for CITU. We must take all possible initiative to win this election. We must learn lesson from Vizag, Rourkela and ASP Elections. Our comrades are taking all steps to win the election.
7. CITU Conference in 2016 : CITU All India Conference will be held in November 2016 at Puri on the basis of 2015 Membership. All units must take efforts to enroll maximum membership and submit return in advance. SWFI Units are to collect a substantial amount for CITU Conference.
. Note on Production Productivity Meeting on 15th October 2015. – The Draft note was prepared by SWFI HQ and was circulated among the Union OB Members in last WC meeting on 14th Nov. at Kolkata. No comment is received. There are many political components in this note to expose anti-industry, anti-India, anti-working class, Pro-MNC policies of Narendra Modi and BJP party. We may print this for wide circulation and sale at Rs 5/ in English, Bengali, Hindi, Oriya to get political mileage out of this dangerous policies. This will give us political mileage to develop strong struggle against anti-industry policies.
Proposal : SWFI will go for printing only after getting order for specific numbers in specific language within next 15 days.
10. Note on Interest Rate reduction : SWFI prepared a note on interest rate reduction as a campaign material for senior citizens who have to live on interest income. Within last one year, 2.25% interest rate reduced on Fixed deposits for common men and senior citizens. More cut is in the offing. In future, the interest rate on PF will also reduce or bound to reduce. There are many positive and negative sides in this note. The note was sent to our Union in Reserve Bank for examination along with others central unions. A copy of the note can be collected from our office for examination. SWFI can print it for wide circulation. We are to undertake a massive initiative to go to the people and involve in Post Card protest to PM on Interest rate reduction on Fixed Deposits. Draft is enclosed in Annexure – 3. Note on Interest Rate in Annexure - 4 for one copy to one union.
11. Save Steel Seminar – This is an important issue needs detail discussion and decisions for approval in next full WC Meeting.
a) Main Theme of the Convention – To expose Government policies that endangered future of Indian Steel Industry and to create class anger against BJP Policies and massive public opinion to save Indian Steel Industry through concrete suggestions and struggles.
b) Likely Demands – i) Restrict Import to save domestic steel industry.
ii) Revise Tax structure to reduce cost of production.
iv) Revise Freight Charge to reduce cost of production.
v) Remove unnecessary litigation on lease of iron ore mines.
vi) Make immediate investment to save ailing units either through liberal loan or from budgetary support or both.
vii) Take concrete steps to increase per capita consumption of 10 Kg to at least 25 KG within year 2020.
All participants will be requested to submit papers on above topics.
b) Session duration – Two full days.
c) Our Mission –To establish authority of Trade Union(s), vis-a-vis CITU to unite Steel Plant owners as well as workers in a joint platform for National interest as we did in the case of Iron Ore Convention.
d) Develop Mass awareness : SWFI Prepared a note on reasons behind this crisis in Steel Industry. This note was placed in the All TU Meeting at Rourkela on 6th January with request to suggest correction. We shall translate into Bengali, Hindi, Oriya, Telegu and circulate widely at a Price of Rs 10 each. All units must indicate the numbers of copy they can sale in their units.
e) Involvement of intellectuals in this Seminar : We shall organize a competition on writing best articles on following subjects among workers and executives. Best writes will be suitably rewarded.
i) Why Indian steel products are costlier in global market.
Ii) Anti Dumping Law and protection of Indian steel industry
iii) Implication of Taxes to make India steel costlier.
Iv) How Freight charges inflate production cost in India.
v) How Private Sector can keep their labor cost very low.
vi) How to increase Rural steel consumption fro, 10 Kg per capita in India to 68 Kg per capita global average.
vii) Prudent planning to use domestic iron ore for sustaining Indian steel industry.
viii) Cost comparison of Electricity cost between Private Distribution Vs own CPPs.
ix) How China became super power by producing 12 times steel to India.
x) Growth of Indian Steel industry –Export based or Domestic consumption based ?
xi) any other suggestion. All good articles will be printed in Souvenir and best articles will be rewarded.
f) Expected Participants – 800 to 1200 including officials for getting wide coverage among steel producers, steel workers, intellectuals, press etc.
g) Subjects to cover –i) Opening Session, ii) Areas of attack on Indian Steel Industry, iii) Suggestion to revive Indian Steel Industry, iv) Action Plan, v) Valedictory Session.
h) Main Organizer – CITU and Steel Workers Federation of India. Other unions will be Co-organizers.
i) Strategic Position – To maintain as far as possible non-political.
j) Tentative date - 3rd week of April or 2nd Week of May depending upon West Bengal Election dates.
k) Who are to be invited - Suggestion- i) Central Leaders of major Trade Unions, ii) leaders and functionaries of NJCS Trade Unions, iii) Leaders of small functioning Trade Unions in Steel Plants. Iv) As many as possible steel producers in public and private sector, v) Re-rollers Associations, vi) some leading steel journalists.
l) Star invite –i) Steel Secretary, ii) Chairman of SCOPE
m) How to manage finance.– To create mass awareness as well as class awareness a among the steel workers as well as class anger against BJP policies among the people, this convention is to be organized in a massive way. This will require huge financial strength. Direct and indirect help from the owners of public and private steel producers is a must. SWFI will not receive any cash or cheque. All expenditure will be in the form of event wise direct sponsoring.
n) Specific Areas of Sponsorship – Advertisement (pre and post convention) in many major news papers, Lunch, High Tea and Tea, Hall rent, Convention kit and bag, City Transport, Convention document printing, Posters and Festoon to cover hundreds of steel plants, Multiplication of final documents and it’s postage cost, Hall decoration, Accommodation of Trade Union representatives at Kolkata,
o) Expenditure by SWFI –All office expenditure, base document preparation, Pre-convention posters, Travelling cost, Invitation letters and document, Internet connection, Paid staff, Pre-convention meeting at units, Press conference at Kolkata and Delhi, Post convention follow ups etc.
p) Expenditure by Units – Unions to raise fund for mass awareness as well as for travelling cost for union sponsored delegates and delegate fee, Pre-convention meeting etc.
q) Obligation of other unions –Inclusion of some names in Steering Committee and sending delegates by paying delegate fee.
r) Delegate fee – Rs 500 (workers), Rs 1000 (Company sponsorship) per delegate.
s) What will be venue. - Suggestion - Kolkata Science City Auditorium.
t) Micro detailing –Micro detailing will be prepared after formal approval in WC Meeting on 13th January.
u) Convention Secretariat –SWFI HQ to decide the names of the comrades who shall work in a dedicated way for success of this Convention. Comrades are requested to volunteer their names immediately so that we can for the Core Committee in the SWFI WC Meeting on 13th Dec. As this is in the exclusive interest of steel industry, we may request management to spare some comrades from their duty. In that case, some willing persons from other unions will have to be involved.
v) Announcement Document : SWFI HQ will prepare and Print Announcement Document within 31st January and will sent to steel producers immediately for their willingness to involve actively.

12. Sale of Working Class – OB Members of our unions must be very very informative on current socio-political situation and struggles of workers in different parts of the country and the world. Working Class / CITU Mazdoor is an important monthly magazine @ Rs 100 / year. SWFI to take organized effort to sale among all OB Members of all unions.
Suggestion : a) Com. Lalit Mishra to take up this job seriously. He has to prepare a data base on Names of OB Members of our unions, their choice in WC or CM, their address, and collect Rs 100/- as subscription. b) All units to take up this task immediately and keep contact with Lalit Mishra, Mobile, - 09474640520,
11. JCSSI Member from Mines : Mines Safety became very important in to-day’s situation. We may induct one comrade from Mines after discussion in OB.

12. Com. P Rammurty Education Centre at Delhi – Com. Tapan Sen to explain.
13. Invitee in SWFI WC – Comrade Malay Bhattacherjee became the Secretary Convener of HSEU ASP. He will be inducted in SWFI WC.

P. K. Das
General Secretary.
8th January, 2016
Distribution : All WC Members & All Units.
28-12-2015 An all Trade Unions meeting will happen at Rourkela Union Office on 6th January,2016, 2 PM onwards to decide our strategy on post NJCS dated 21-12-2015, situation
1, Vidyasagar Avenue, Durgapur – 5
E Mail –,
15th December, 2015 To
The Director Personnel,
Steel Authority of India Limited,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi -3
Dear Sir,
I desire to draw your kind attention on a recent circular issued by the SAIL corporate Office directing the Unit city offices to close down from 31st December, 2015.
These offices were established some 30 to 40 years ago for administrative and logistic convenience of the units. Many definite tasks were assigned on these offices to improve performance of the Plant and Mines units through constant liaison with Indian Railways, Road Transport, Port & Docks, Airports, Supply Chain, Legal matters, Geological Survey of India, Hospitals, Guest House and many other tasks are assigned on them.
Employees posted in the city offices had established their family with own accommodation, school & college facility, take care of old and ailing parents to discharge their duties in these offices with peace in mind. This circular is nothing less than a serious bolt from the blue on the employees and their families.
Over the years, numbers of employees have reduced drastically which is now only one third to one fifth of peak manpower in city offices. Many adjustments were made with cooperation from unions to reduce rental cost, administrative cost and improve efficiency.
In the changed financial condition of SAIL, the constant support and co-operation from leading trade unions is a must. This type of unilateral decision to antagonize the employees is against the true spirit of participating culture.
We, therefore request you to kindly keep in abeyance this circular to make in-depth study about effectiveness of these offices and to take decision with human face.
Thanking you,
With Regards,

P. K. Das.
General Secretary & Member, NJCS
Copy to – Sri Tapan Sen, President, SWFI & MP (RS).
17-12-2015 Draft of the Memorandum for 18th Dec. Demonstration.

The MD / CEO / ED / GM

Dear Sir,
Workers of --------------------------------------- assembled here before your office today on 18th December, 2015 to express their grievances on following issues and to demand a justifiable settlement in the forthcoming NJCS Meeting to be held on 21st December, 2015.
That Annual Bonus in the name of APLRS / APLIS is a right that workers are enjoying over the decades. We strongly protest the decision of SAIL Management to sanction some amount as Advance. We demand a reasonable amount as Annual Bonus as recognition to performance achieved by the workers through untiring efforts despite many practical hurdles.
Many senior workers are seriously aggrieved on sudden imposition of 25 years age limit of the sons for free medical treatment at SAIL Hospitals. We demand withdrawal of this order to restore the previous practice.
We demand withdrawal of the order to close down city offices that will make serious hardship of the workmen who have settled in these areas during last 20 to 30 years.
We demand to restore the previous practice of leave encashment, HRA to young workers, HRA on current basic pay and such other facilities that were arbitrarily withdrawn by the SAIL Management.
Our unions deferred the strike action scheduled to commence on 3rd December 2015 with the expectation that NJCS Meeting will be very fruitful to solve long standing demands of the workers of SAIL.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(Joint Secretary/ General Secretary)
25-11-2015 Strike Circular 25.11.15
Dear Comrade,
SWFI tried their best to avoid strike by requesting SAIL Management to call NJCS Meeting to settle bonus on a reasonable term on or before 2nd December 2015. In the core committee meeting on 4-5 Nov., our request to call NJCS Meeting before 19th Nov. proposed strike was turned down without any reason. Still, to give some more time to SAIL Management, Unions (CITU, AITUC, HMS, BMS.) (INTUC did not attend) met on 14th Nov. and deferred the strike to 3rd Dec. During this long period from 15th Oct Production Productivity Meeting to 3rd December proposed strike, management refused to call any meeting of NJCS.
In this situation, there is no other alternative but to go for strike on 3rd December. Reasons are explained in our leaflet. All units are to follow following steps to make the strike successful. 1. Immediately translate the Draft (as enclosed today) of the Leaflet and print to give one leaflet to each worker.
2. Call meeting of all unions who served strike notice. Altogether 30+ Unions served strike notice on 2nd November. Explain them the current situation. Highlight more on dignity of union and NJCS than the financial benefit as bonus. Get their consent to sign in this leaflet before go for printing.
3. Approach INTUC leaders of your unit to support the strike or at least remain silent. It is amply clear that one after another benefits will be snatched in near future. If workers fail to protest on bonus through this strike, they will not be able to blame unions for their financial losses in near future. 4. Organize a Press Conference on 30th Nov. SWFI will send a Press statement. 5. Immediately Print Posters or get handwritten and paste in large numbers. 6. Organize massive demonstration and rally on 1st and/or 2nd December. 7. Arrange Miking in the Township on 30th, 1st and 2nd . 8. Organize united picketing in gates from 5 AM to 11 PM night. 9. Never tell anything against INTUC and Trinamool in your speeches. Just ignore. Give sober appeal to their follower to join in strike. 10. Send report of the strike to SWFI HQ through SMS with name of sender & unit from time to time.

25-11-2015 DEFEND RIGHT TO BONUS OBSERRVE MASSIVE STRIKE ON 3rd December, 2015 in public sector steel industry.

Dear Comrades and Friends, Steel workers used to get some amount as annual bonus after decades of struggles to achieve this as a right. The amount increased over the years as per demand of unions along with growth of steel industry. With increase in bonus, workers took all possible efforts to make SAIL & RINL prosperous and vibrant in national economy. In this age of globalization and liberalization, workers have no role to play in marketing and price fixing of steel products. Within their means, workers took all possible steps to Increase production, cost minimisation through techno-economic improvements, and inculcating better work culture. SAIL Management never dared not to recognise this role of the workers in all the steel plants and establishments. During last one and a half year, PSU steel plants are facing decline in profit, incurring loss and confronting other difficulties due to anti national, anti PSU policies of this government. Cheaper steel import at below-cost prices, extraction of huge dividend disproportionate to profit by the Govt, increase in taxes and freight charges at a much higher level compared to its international competitors, and overall industrial gloom arising out of the pro-MNC, pro-private corporate Govt policies themselves, decline in public investment etc are responsible for such crisis being faced by the industry. Instead of demanding relief from Government, SAIL & RINL want to shift these burdens on the workers through nil or reduced bonus, stopping leave encashment, non-settlement of HRA issue, suspending pension scheme, stopping investment on revival of ASP, Salem Steel and Bhadrabati steel and so on. On 15th October Production Productivity meeting, company announced “No Bonus This Year”. Unions raised protest and requested to call NJCS meeting immediately to reverse the decision. Unions waited till 26th Oct. On 29th Oct, in all TU Meeting at Kolkata, it was decided to observe one day strike on 19th Nov. if there is no meeting by this time. Instead of NJCS, management called Core Committee on 4th and 5th Nov. to announce advance of Rs 7000 and Rs 9000/-. CITU and others refused it and requested to call NJCS before 19th Nov. to negotiate and finalise the bonus payment. Management refused to fix any date of NJCS till 14th Nov and circulated this decision of advance as “Decision” of Core Committee deliberately distorting the truth. Still, Unions decided to play the role of responsible Trade Unions and deferred the strike date to 3rd December in a meeting at Kolkata to allow 14 days more time to management to call and settle through NJCS. Management refused to call any meeting before 2nd Dec to test fighting spirit of the workers. This amply proves how far company is willing to honour workers sentiment and its negative approach to settle bonus in a reasonable manner. Possibly management forgot that workers are not beggars. When Government wanted to cut SAIL into pieces and sale in parts in the name of Mckinsey Report, it was the workers who saved SAIL’s present monolithic structure through countrywide struggle and turned the company from a recurring Loss making Entity Company to a profit-making Maharatna Company. They made SAIL 3rd largest steel producer in the world. Besides, workers helped to mobilize through internal generation major portion of expenditure for modernization and expansion costing worth Rs 74,000 Crores. Similar role was played by the Vizag collective. Management have no right to hurt dignity of steel workers by unilaterally paying some amount as “Advance”. They thought they can impose any decision, because workers did not lodge any protest after unilateral payment of Bonus in 2014-15 without any agreement. Management was intelligent enough by deducting proportionate amount for absent periods from this “Advance”. With this, they kept both the options open. Either to treat this as full and final bonus payment or to deduct in installments as per law in precedence of 2002 advances payment. Trade Unions waited from September to November just to get a date for NJCS meeting, discuss across the table and to reach a practical solution. Several requests went in vein. Unions are confident to announce that company can save far more if workers are kept in confidence even after paying reasonable Bonus. But, we failed to convince management determined not to accept this simple logic. In this situation, we do not have any other alternative but to go for strike on 3rd December, 2015. Some unions are unwilling to go for strike with an argument that loss on strike is more than additional amount as bonus. They simply forget that this is not the only area of snatching existing right of the workers. They also ignore that unlike private parties, SAIL and RINL are faithfully paying all the financial burdens worth thousands of crores of rupees due to additional Taxes, Freight charges, Dividends, Mineral Cess, Petro Fuels, Electricity charges etc to appease their administrative bosses. Only alternative before PSU is to snatch one after another right of the workers. Even Honorable Steel Minister did not intervene after serving strike notice on 2nd November. With utter surprise, he did not feel it urgent to call senior Trade Union leaders to reach an amicable settlement and to announce some tax restructuring and stop imports to generate revenue for bonus and to save SAIL & RINL. But he prefer to ignore the role of workers, who saved most costly national assets like IISCO, CPP, Vizag, Iron ore mines, Coal mines etc against privatisation. He does not feel it important to involve workers to save Indian steel industry. The issue is so important that more than 30 unions served strike notice in all units of SAIL & RINL. Unity is the greatest strength before working class. Some of the unions are still away from strike call. We are to involve them to make this strike massive and historic one. Steel workers have to prove that they have not lost their fighting spirit against injustice. They are united. They are to give a strong message to the Steel Management through this strike on 3rd Dec. 2015.
29-10-2015 STRIKE: at the initiative of SWFI / CITU today a meeting of 5 Central Trade Unions held at kolkata.BMS, INTUC, AITUC, CITU & HMS were there in the meeting. the decission of the meeting are follows: STRIKE notice will be given as per section 22 , CHAPTER 5 of the ID Act on 02- 11- 2015 through Demonstrative programme like human chain , etc. for Annual Bonus / Exgratia. All India joint STRIKE will be held on 19- 11- 2015. please take programmes accordingly.
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19-10-2015 STRIKE NOTICE
----- ------- -------- ---------
Steel Authority of India Limited.
Dear Sir,
Workers of ------------------------- are assembled today here before your office to express their serious grievance against non-payment of Annual Bonus in this year 2015. It is a great shock among the employees and members of their family that SAIL Management refused to pay any Annual Bonus as per rich tradition created over the decades.
It is needless to mention that we take all possible ways and means to increase production, improve Techno-Economic Parameters and Cost Saving as desired and directed by the competent authority. Minimum of one month Bonus to all workers became a right and bench mark in all industry. Usually, we are not even paid that amount in previous years. That too is being denied and decided to discontinue as announced by SAIL in the joint meeting with unions on 15th October 2015 at Delhi.
The workers are being shocked, aggrieved, and determined to fight against this arbitrary decision. We, therefore request you to immediately call the meeting of NJCS to reach a settlement and start payment of Annual Bonus. Failing so, we shall be compelled to serve strike notice as per Section 22 of Industrial Dispute Act 1947 on any day after Durgapuja Festival.
We expect that SAIL shall maintain rich tradition to sanction and pay Annual Bonus to maintain harmony in industrial relation i9n this Public Sector.
Thanking you.
Yours Sincerely,

Joint Secretary / General Secretary

Copy to –
President & General Secretary, SWFI
Sub-Divisional Magistrate,
Labor Commissioner In Charge.
19-10-2015 Dear Comrade,
A serious disorder is being created among the workers as well as among the members of Pubic and Business community on non-payment of Annual Bonus / APLRS / SPIS for the year 2015-16. It is clear that there will be no payment before Durgapuja. Workers and their family members are seriously being aggrieved. In this situation, Unions must act seriously to fight against this decision of SAIL through involvement of maximum number of workers and unions. SAIL may call another meeting before Dewali. We are insisting for full NJCS meeting.
The SWFI HQ based Office Bearer meeting is already being called on 28th Oct at Durgapur to discuss important issues. At least one OB from RSP, BSL, BSP, Kolkata, ISP etc are requested to attend this OB Meeting from 11 AM to 5 PM. After mutual discussion of Durgapur and other OB Members, it is decided among SWFI leadership that following letter is to be issued immediately in your letterhead through Demonstration / Deputation. While we issue this letter, we should keep open the scope for negotiation with other unions to build joint struggle including strike as far as much it is possible. The date of strike is kept open so that our unions can call meeting of other unions to decide next course of action and insist for one day token strike. Please see the Draft of the Memorandum in the form of Strike Notice below. P. K. Das.
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05-10-2015 NJCS meeting for production - productivity along with APLRS (annual bonus) will happen on 15-10-2015 at 11.00AM onwards in Delhi
04-10-2015 OB meeting will happen on 14-10-2015 at 01.00PM onwards at IISCO House, Kolkata
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16-09-2015 SWFI Safety Sub Committee meeting will happen on 14-10-2015, 10.00AM onwards at IISCO House, 3rd Floor, 50, Jawaharlal nehru road, kolkata-700071
23-06-2015 Meeting of NJCS Sub Committee on HRA will happen on 10-07-2015
10-05-2015 SWFI Safety Sub Committee meeting will happen on 26-05-2015, 10.00AM onwards at IISCO House, 3rd Floor, 50, Jawaharlal nehru road, kolkata-700071
01-05-2015 SWFI WORKING COMMITTEE meeting will be held on 10th, MAY, 2015 at State CITU Office ( 53, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-700016 ) on and from 09.30 AM to 05.30 PM.
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09-02-2015 Salient Feathers of SAIL Pension Scheme 2012 1.Company Contribution: 6% of (Basic + DA) 2. Date of Effect : 01-01- 2012. 3. Minimum eligibility of service for Pension: 15 Years. 4. Relaxation from minimum eligibility: Death, Permanent Disability, and Medical invalidation. 5. Coverage: All permanent employees including trainees as on role on:01-01-2012 6. Type of Scheme – Individual Annuity Scheme. 7. Pension Modality – Contribution Defined Scheme. 8. Total Corpus for Annuity – Total Deposit in SESBF individual Account Plus Company contribution from 1.1.2012 to till retirement. 9. Fund Management Authority – To be decided later. To be explained in next Bulletin. 10. Coverage of employees who retired after 1.1.2012 and upto the date of implementation – As per individual choice. To be explained in details in next Bulletin. 11. Compulsory Employee Contribution - 2% as it is now. 12. Voluntary Contribution – May by upto 6% (2% + 4%). To be decided later. 13. Scheme Option - To be explained in details in next Bulletin. To be discussed in SESBF trustee later. 14. Annuity Provider – To be discussed later by the unions and members of SESBF. 15. Income Tax Clearance – Income Tax Clearance already obtained for SESBF shall be effective for this scheme. 16. Employee if transferred to other PSU – Transfer of Fund is applicable if that PSU have same type of scheme.
22-01-2015 In the meeting of HRA (NJCS Sub Committee) Management's offer is Basic pay for HRA Calculation - old basic plus 26.6% (=17x1.567). Unions rejected this offer . Meeting of NJCS Sub Committee on PENSION will be held on 09/02/2015
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01-01-2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 Learn from yesterday, Fight for a better tomorrow, Unite the working class of the world to make this MIGHTY WORLD Free from hunger, Free from Poverty, Free from Unemployment, Free from exploitation of man by man. Free from Torture and Terrorism. This is possible, if we can dedicate ourselves to unite the working class throughout this world. P. K. Das. General Secretary, Steel Workers Federation of India President, Trade Union International (Metal & Mining)
26-12-2014 meeting on HRA-HRR (NJCS) Sub Committee on 09-01-2015 at Delhi

Dear Comrade, BJP Govt. is going to disinvest 5% Shares of SAIL from tomorrow. We have tried our best to hold all trade union meeting to chalk out a plan for movement involving all section of workers and even a section of executives against disinvestment. Due to busy schedule of senior leaders we could not find a common date. Now as govt. is determined to go ahead with the disinvestment we are to mobilize workers to protest on the street. Every unit to undertake following action immediately. 1. Demonstration before head of the unit.
2. Telephone to other unions to get the support .
3. Involve family members of workers and particularly of O.B & council members.
4. Miking in the township against disinvestment.
5. Massive hand written poster against BJP govt.
6. Hold press conference to expose oppition.
7. Please propagate SAIL made net profit of Rs. 2616 cr. In 2013-14 and 2170 in 2012-13. Still Mgt. allow entry of private houses in SAIL board to make PSU weak from inside. BJP also selling its I/Ore and coal mines through international tender to foreign capitalist. Make massive campaign.
P.K.Das, Biswarup Banerjee, G.P.Banerjee, Dipak Ghosh from Bolani.
21-09-2014 OB Meeting will happen on 30-09-2014 at 9.30AM at IISCO House, 50, JN Road, Kolkata
05-09-2014 Meeting of HRA on 05-09-2014 1 At the outset, management gave a presentation that as SAIL has spent Rs 2435 Cr plus Rs 1500 cr financial burden to for 30 months to settle NJCS, it is not possible to sanction HRA ON current basic pay. As per practices in previous years of 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1992, the HRA will be on previous basic only. All unions raised serious objection and demanded to follow 2007 practice. After long discussion, mgt proposed to add 17% on old basic with increments. Unions rejected the offer and requested to accept on current basic pay. No decision taken. 2. Unions raised some issues including stopping of HRA on surrendering qrs. Mgt did not react on solution. 3. Next meeting of Bonus Committee will be held on 15th Sept at 3 pm at Delhi. 4. On request from unions, management agreed to pay HRA Additional benefit from 1.7.2014. 5. It was decided that 4 unions will jointly write a letter on 25 years age, strike clause etc. Mgt agreed to discuss in next meeting as the joint letter. 6. Mgt agreed to consider difference in gratuity and leave encashment for retired employees. 7. Mgt expressed that Pension formula will be finalized by December 2014.
01-09-2014 the meeting of SWFI Safety Sub-Committee will happen on 08- 09- 2014 at 11.00 AM onward at IISCO House, 50 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata-700071.
21-08-2014 Meeting of NJCS Sub committee on HRA- HRR will happen on 05 - 09 - 2014
01-07-2014 NJCS Agreement done on 01-07-2014. Contact Workers AWA w e f 01-07-2014. Pension will be finalized in Pension Sub Committee with in 31-12-2014 .Rate for HRA will be finalize in HRA Sub Committee .HRA will be effective from 01-07-2014.Payment of 1st installment within 15th July 2014 ..2nd installment payment by end of this financial year.
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28-06-2014 a special WORKING COMMITTEE MEETING at Burnpur on 23rd & 24th August, 2014
19-06-2014 meeting of NJCS Sub-Committee on HRA-HRR will happen on 30-06-2014 at 4 PM
16-06-2014 next NJCS Meeting will happen on 1st & 2nd - JULY- 2014
01-05-2014 May Day
Working class is the worst victim of this global economic crisis.They are looser in every count.Loss of permanent jobs, purchasing power, pension, wage cut ,become a global phenomenon.Are working class determined to fight against govt. polices.Could they raise above economism ? Could they sent enough representation to fight polices in Parliament ? Are they ready to sacrifice for the cause of organization ?Should we not make introspection in this May Day 2014?
25-26 March, 2014
In the two days meeting on scales of pay, following decisions ware taken and minutes on scales of pay was signed.
Unions raised the demand of increment protection during the tenure of this agreement @3% for those who have crossed the upper limit of the scale as on 1.1.2012 and introduction of S-12 grade. After long discussion for two days, management assured that this issue will be discussed in the full NJCS. To put the issue on record, all unions issued a joint letter to the Director Personnel and was received by the management formally. Formal NJCS agreement will be signed after sorting out of both the issues. Copy of the letter is enclosed.
There was some improvement in starting of the pay scales from S-4 to S-11 with addition of Rs 200 to Rs 400 maximum. The Scales of Pay was formally signed and the copy is attached herewith.
Management assured that all the formalities for approval will be completed as early as possible since signing of the Scales of Pay, so that first installment of arrear can be paid to the workers within 30th April or near to that date.
The meeting of the HRA / HRR could not be held as there was delay in settling the Pay Scales. Next date of meeting will be informed later.
26-03-2014 Minor changes in scales from S4 onwards at starting: S1 15830 - 22150, S2 16300 - 23200, S3 16800 - 24110, S4 17100 - 25540, S5 17300 - 27540, S6 17500 - 30070, S7 17600 - 31230, S8 17700 - 32420, S9 17800 - 35480, S10 17900 - 42030, S11 18000 - 43950. SCALES OF PAY FINALISED. S 12 and Protection of increment will be discussed in next NJCS meeting. HRA - HRR meeting postponed
25-03-2014 Today, in the meeting of NJCS Sub Committee on pay-scale management was very rigid on increment protection and introduction of S12 grade. Unions were ready even to settle in protection of 5 or 4 increments for early arrear payment.but management declined to accept the above; meeting will continue from 2.00PM of tomorrow,including the issue of HRA.
13-03-2014 The proposal of management for HRA was not in new Basic - so it was rejected by the unions. Next dates for NJCS Sub Committee(s) meetings are probably 25th March (PAY-SCALE) and 26th March (HRA-HRR).
01-03-2014 Meeting of NJCS sub committee on HRA - HRR will be held on 13 03 2014
26-02-2014 Steel Plant Employees' Union Salems.
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22-02-2014 the meeting of NJCS Sub Committee on pay scale will happen on 10th, March, 2014; previous date is cancelled.
18-02-2014 NJCS sub committee meeting on pay scale: Company proposed not to change the lower point of pay scale; for S1 their proposal is Rs.8630 only ( like previous ). Unions have rejected the proposal- they demanded Rs. 15830 as minimum of S1; introduction of S12 grade is our demand. Next date of meeting 6 th March 2014
10-02-2014 NJCS-Pay scale sub committee meeting on 18 02 2014
25-01-2014 OUTCOMES OF THE NJCS MEETING HELD ON 25.01.2014 The SAIL chairman has addressed the meeting on the concluding session. After long deliberations, MGB was decided as 17 % on Basic 0n 31.12.11 and DA (as on 01.01.2012). The Special allowance of 6% of the Revised Basic will also be paid to all the employees with effect from 01.01.2014. The payment of arrears will be in two equal installments and the first installment will be paid within one month of signing the Memorandum of Agreement. The second installment of the arrear will be paid within a year. Management has also agreed to pay one additional increment if the company earns profit after tax (PAT) at Rs.5000 crores as average for succeeding three years during the operation of the current agreement. On Pension Scheme the management will contribute 6% of Basic + DA with effect from 1.1.2012. The scheme will be finalized at the earliest and the contribution from the workers to the scheme will be finalized. Management proposed that HRA will be paid on pre-revised basic pay. CITU strongly opposed it. After long discussion, it was decided that the issue of HRA & House Rent recovery will be examined in the core committee meeting and a solution will be arrived at. This committee will give its recommendation before signing of Memorandum of Agreement. The contract workers wages were also discussed at length and due to the sustained efforts taken by CITU along with other unions, SAIL management has finally agreed to pay a lump sum payment as additional welfare allowance (AWA) per month for the contract workers of each plant and unit as given below. PLANT/UNIT AMOUNT(p.m) PLANT/UNIT AMOUNT (p.m) DSP 750 VISP 1300 ASP 750 SRU,BHILAI 1300 CFP 850 BSP 1300 ISP 1100 RMD 1300 SSP 1100 MINES 1300 RDCIS 1100 BOKARO 1500 CMO 1100 RSP 1500 MTI & CET 1100 SRU,BOKARO 1500 CCSO 1100 CITU has continuously took up the important issues of NJCS on MGB, Allowances and Contract workers wages. Unity of the trade unions and workers was also firmed up during the process of negotiations. CITU also launched struggles against the delay and demanding reasonable settlement of the wage revision. Among the PSUs, in SAIL we are able to arrive at an agreement taking into consideration the plight of the contract workers. The support extended by all the workers on the initiatives of CITU and the unity among the unions achived by CITU has resulted in a reasonable settlement. Pending issues such as pay scales etc of the workers will be taken up before signing the MOA..
18-01-2014 NJCS meeting dated 20 01 2014 is cancelled by managament as chairman & other top officials of SAIL are directed by Honourable Chairman of Standing Committee (steel) Mr. Kalyan Banerjee, Honourable MP from Trinamul Congress to do the meeting of standing committee (steel)in the same day. Next meeting of NJCS will be on 25 01 2014
23-12-2013 Next NJCS meeting on 20 01 2014
19-12-2013 REPORT OF NJCS MEETING ON 18TH & 19TH Dec. 2013 In the two day’s continuous meeting of NJCS following issues were deliberated – On the issue of MGB, Management was rigid at 16% and they expressed their inability to raise further due to severe financial constraints. This was not acceptable to the Unions. Unions insisted for 17.5% MGB. No final decision was taken. On the issue of Perks, Management offered additional special allowance first at 4% and then 5% as final offer in the face of unions’ demand for 10% which was scaled down to 8% in the process of negotiation. Unions demanded further improvement of management’s offer. The Unions conveyed the concern of workers for settlement at the earliest, as well as they expect higher benefits than management’s present offer. All efforts will be made to reach an amicable settlement or MOU in the next meeting in presence of Chairman, SAIL likely to be held in 2nd week of January, 2014. Exact date will be announced shortly.
02-12-2013 Next NJCS meeting on 18 12 2013 & 19 12 2013; previous dates are cancelled
20-11-2013 NJCS meeting held dated 20 11 2013 in New Delhi: In the full NJCS Meeting dated 20th November,2013, the issues pertaining to wage revision were discussed but problems remained unresolved owing to management\'s non- acceptance of the demands of the workers\' group for 18 % of MGB and percentage based perks and allowances. on contract workers\' demand at least Rs.1000 plus per month increase for all and VDA like DSP,no settlement could be arrived. The workers\' group meeting was held separately. Durgapur Unions suggested for one additional increment over 18 % MGB. Ceilling on Gratuity is ruled out; any alternate proposal in any form must ensure same financial benefit. Increase in Frindge Benefits should be effective from 20 11 2013. NEXT MEETING OF FULL NJCS WILL BE ON 8th and 9th December, 2013 at Delhi.
07=11-2013 NJCS meeting on 20 11 2013
31-10-2013 Urgent SWFI OB Meeting on 07 11 2013 at 11.00AM at IISCO (SAIL) House, Kolkata
20-10-2013 At the NJCS sub committee meeting dated 20 10 2013 management has given three neglected proposals like increase of only 2 % of new basic, over existing fringe benefit. UNION HAS REJECTED ALL THE 3 PROPOSALS.
12-09-2013 in meeting dated 12 09 2013 management\'s offer minimum increase for contractor worker plus Rs. 1000 increase; for permanant worker Mgt agree to pay 29 % perks with ceiling of Gratuity 10 lakh, unions are NOT AGREE- Mgt tried to offer of further improvement in itemwise allowances- no discussions.union requested for two days NJCS meeting may be from 27-30. Bonus meeting on 25th at Mumbai.
11-09-2013 12 09 2013 contractor workers NJCS Sub Committee, 13 09 2013 Perks Sub Committee &25 09 2013 Bonus meeting
07-09-2013 Urgent SWFI OB Meeting on 10 09 2013 at 11.00AM at IISCO (SAIL) House, Kolkata
31-08-2013 SWFI SAFETY SUB COMMITTEE meeting will be held on 05 09 2013 at 09.30AM at CMO union office( SAIL - IISCO House), Kolkata
31-08-2013 SWFI Working Committee Meeting on 06 09 2013 at 10.00AM at CMO Union office, Kolkata
31-08-2013 SWFI CONTRACTOR WORKER Sub Committee meeting on 05 09 2013 at CMO Union office, Kolkata, from 02.00PM to 07.00PM
29-08-2013 SWFI SAFETY SUB COMMITTEE meeting will be held on 05 09 2013 at 09.30AM at CMO union office, IISCO (SAIL)House,50 Jawaharlal Nehru Road,Kolkata
16-08-2013 NJCS: Contractor worker NJCS SUB Committee on 20-08-2013 and NJCS Core Committee Meeting on 24-08-2013
26-07-2013 NJCS CORE COMMITTEE dated 25-july-2013: management offered 15.5 %: union demanded atleast 20 % as MGB. NEXT meetings: contractor worker NJCS Sub committee on 30-07-2013 & perks. on 31-07-2013 happened ,without any effective specific proposal. But pension sub on 05-08-2013 & NJCS CORE COMMITTEE on 06- August- 2013 did not happened.
15-07-2013 Report of the NJCS meeting held on 8th- JULY- 2013 at New Delhi: management's propasal: 14 % MGB + 6 % Pension totaling to 20 %,they may consider to reach last NJCS offer of 21.5 % (including pension). if all unions agree to sign the agreement. CITU strongly opposed and mentioned that pension is not a part of wage revision benefit and it should be dealt with separately.
10-07-2013 NJCS Contractor-workers Sub committee meeting on 30-July-2013
27-06-2013 NJCS meeting on 08-JULY-2013 in Delhi.
27-06-2013 SWFI WC MEETING on 20-july-2013 at Kolkata. Public Sector Co-ordination meeting at Ranchi on 18-August- 2013.
15-05-2013 in the Core Committee on 15th- MAY- 2013, management stick to 14 % MGB; Unions demand is 21.5 % MGB + Perks on % basis, full pension scheme, non end settlement, specific proposal on contractor workers. Contractor workers sub committee meeting will be held on 01-06-2013 & PENSION Sub committee on 03-06-2013 Date of NJCS meeting will be decided shortly.
13-04-2013 REPORT OF NJCS CORE COMMITTEE MEETING AT DELHI ON 13TH April, 2013 Following discussion was took place in the core committee meeting at Delhi on 13th April, 2013. After long discussion, management agreed to sanction 14% MGB in addition to 6% payment on Pension Scheme totalling to 20% Unions unanimously rejected the offer as it is far less than near to settlement. Unions did not agree to include pension benefit under NJCS offer as it was as per commitment of last NJCS. More over, Unions wanted specific proposal on Perks and Allowances as part of NJCS settlement and settlement on Contractor workers. Without these two areas, no settlement is possible. Management agreed to constitute a committee after preparing a detail report on Perks and Allowances and expedited discussion on contractor workers. Next meeting will be on 15th May 2013. G Sanjeeb Reddy, Tapan Sen, Gaya Singh, P K Das, Rajendra Prasad Sinha, M K Pandey, Anirudh were present from Union side and Director Personnel, Director Finance, ED P&A, Sanjeeb Agrarwal and others were present on behalf of management.


SWFI is one of the major labour organization in India. It was founded in 1982 as a centre of the democratic workers in the steel industry having a membership strength of about 45000. It is the Federation of progressive trade unions; it opposes to imperialist globalization, championing the cause of working class and defending the economic sovereignty of India. SWFI is trying to organize the unorganized for fighting against the social & economical inequalities and anti-people policies of Government.
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