NJCS has started it`s functioning in the name of JWNC (Joint Wage Negotiating Commitee ) since October, 1969. It has changed its name so many times ; from JWNC to JNC then NJCC and finally NJCS in June ,1979; but never it has changed its philosophy / ideology for Indian Steel Workers . Its 1st round of agreement by Joint Wage Negotiating Committee (JWNC ) done on 27-10-1970. 2nd Agreement by JNC on 30th July, 1975; was effective from 1st September, 1974 for a period of 4 Years. 3rd Agreement by National Joint Consultative Committee for the steel industry(NJCC )done on 19th June,1979 effecting from 1st September,1978 for a period of four Years.In June, 1979 the name of the Committee was changed to National Joint Committee for the steel industry (NJCS ). 4th Agreement by NJCS done on 25th, MAY, 1983 effective from 1st September, 1982. 5th Agreement done by NJCS on 5th July, 1989 effective from 1st, January, 1989. 6th Agreement done on 18th May, 1995 by NJCS effective from 1st January, 1992 valid upto 31-12-1996. 7th Agreement on 23rd JULY, 2001 by NJCS w.e.f.1st January,1997 to 31-12-2006. Its 8th round of agreement done on 29th April , 2010 effective from 1st January , 2007 to 31-12-2011. 9th AGREEMENT done on 01-07- 2014 unitedly by all the (NJCS) Unions for the period of five years effective from 01-01-2012 to 31-12-2016. For pending issues and Fresh agreement due from 01-01-2017 more struggle is needed....
   For other information please see HEADQUARTERS' Message , for any Suggestion / proposal please use Open Forum. To see previous NJCS AGREEMENTs please visit NJCS AGREEMENT .

   The last meeting happened on 01-03-2019 at Delhi. The second last meeting (the meeting before the last meeting ) happened on 07-04-2017 at Delhi.

Next Meeting of the NJCS will be held on 4rth March, 2020 in Delhi .


SWFI is one of the major labour organization in India. It was founded in 1982 as a centre of the democratic workers in the steel industry having a membership strength of about 45000. It is the Federation of progressive trade unions; it opposes to imperialist globalization, championing the cause of working class and defending the economic sovereignty of India. SWFI is trying to organize the unorganized for fighting against the social & economical inequalities and anti-people policies of Government.
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