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Alloy Steels Plant :

Hindustan Steel Employees` Union ( ASP Unit ) is one of the major and recognised Trade Union in Alloy Steels Plant of SAIL. It was founded on 3rd May of 1966. On 3rd May of every year ASP workers` used to observe the “Workers` solidarity Day" and memorize that storming day when Workers were protesting against vindictive manner of the then management- the representative of the ruling class. They also take oath about coming days struggle like against Disinvestment of SAIL & other Public Sector and other anti workers` Government Policies.

The mission ahead:

  • To ensure Trade Union Rights for the interest of working class,
  • Movement for economically viable of ASP as stand alone basis.
  • Develop Workers` mindset towards class politics and establish them as the part of the Working Class as a whole - through seminar, rally, demonstration, booklets, posters and so many social & cultural programs.

Key personalities of this Trade Union are Comrade Moloy Bhattacharjee (CONVENER) Mobile No: 9475205240 , Comrade Bijay Saha. (VICE PRESIDENT ) Mobile No: 9474545107.

Postal address of ASP Unit: Hindustan Steel Employees` Union, 2 / 1 TILAK ROAD, B-Zone, Durgapur, West Bengal. PIN: 713205, Phone: 0343-2563360

HSEU-Durgapur Steel Plant Unit:

HINDUSTHAN STEEL EMPLOYEES' UNION DURGAPUR (DSP Unit) is registered under the Indian Trade Unions Act 1926 on the 29th day of March, 1961. The last Conference that is the 54th Annual Conference happened on and from 28th March, 2015 to 29th March, 2015. The Conference before the last conference was the golden jubilee conference happened in 2011. It is struggle, unity & democracy which made HSEU the biggest Trade Union of Durgapur Steel Plant in last five decades. The ruling class has tried several times to break this union but strong base among the workers; affinity towards Marxism-Leninism & sacrifices of the Martyrs, ( here, saheed comrade Ashis-Jabber is a symbol of struggle ), but failed in their effort. This Union is continuously fighting against the anti working class policies of Government. HSEU is pioneer in steel industry to move in right direction against disinvestment of profitable public sectors like SAIL.

Though the day- to day functioning are done by the Office Bearers leaded by honourable President of HSEU, but COUNCIL is the authority for taking any important decisions. In Conference, for every ten members there is a delegate, and ten delegates they are electing one council member; means every council member is consist of 100 members. There are few honorary council members also. Excluding some small area, in every department there is a Department Committee. In all major departments, Section Committee(s) is also there. So Organisation structure is like this: Conference_ OB (Secretariat)_ COUNCIL (decision making body)_ Departmental Committee_ Sectional Committee; and Sub-Committees like: Young Workers Organizing Committee, Working- Women Organizing Committee, Safety Sub-Committee, Technical Sub-Committee, Co-operative Sub-Committee, etc. HSEU is trying to take care, from cradle to grave , every corner of life of its members and their families enriching the society is one of the regular activity of HSEU.

Key personalities of this Trade Union are Comrade RATHIN ROY (PRESIDENT) Mobile no : 9434157111 & Comrade BISWARUP BANERJEE (CONVENER) Mobile No: 9476231158.

Postal address of HSEU ( DSP ): Comrade B T R Bhawan; 1, Vidyasagar Avenue; B-Zone, Durgapur, West Bengal; PIN- 713205.<br /> Phone: 0343-2564296. FAX: 03432569287.


SWFI is one of the major labour organization in India. It was founded in 1982 as a centre of the democratic workers in the steel industry having a membership strength of about 45000. It is the Federation of progressive trade unions; it opposes to imperialist globalization, championing the cause of working class and defending the economic sovereignty of India. SWFI is trying to organize the unorganized for fighting against the social & economical inequalities and anti-people policies of Government.
United Contractor Workers' Union ( UCWU, DSP ), Durgapur

has started its journey of struggle under the comradely control of UCWU , Burnpur-to days' UCWU-ISP since 1967. It is in 1970 - UCWU did the Trade union registration (No. 9078). The focal agenda of this union is to organise the unorganised & to convert the contractor worker who is working in perennial nature of job into permanent worker .The success story is - it is about five thousand contractor workers they have converted phase by phase to regular employees.The payment of contractor workers in DSP was highest in the industry ( presently about sixty percentages of workers they are getting low wages ); could be achieved by struggle.Employment against death case is another mile stone .At present,it is more than three thousand members of union is under attack by TMC - the ruling party & Government led by them , they are evicted / retrenched for not doing TMC- the expulsion is done by INTTUC ; in this situation keeping their job & save democracy is the most important slogan to this union .

The key personalities of this union : comrad Bhibhuti Das Mondol , President (Mobile No. 09474639330) and comrade Subir Sengupta , General Secretary ( Mobile No. 09434201699 ).

Postal address of UCWU is : Comrade B T R Bhawan , Lala Lajpat Roy Road , A-Zone, Durgapur - 713204. Phone No 034-256 8359.


ASANSOL BURNPUR KULTI METAL & ENGINEERING WORKERS UNION is the leader of the leaders in SAVE IISCO Committee which did the turn around from a loss making private sector to a profitable public sector, to-days ISP - SAIL through a decade - long struggle.
In the year of 1918 Sir Biren Mukherjee has started the plant in the name of Steel Corporation Of Bengal ( SCOB ) at Burnpur, after that since 1936 it becomes the Indian Iron & Steel Company( IISCO ). Due to over burden of loan by the private owner the plant has become sick, and due to continuous movement by the workers, leaded by this union, the Government of India had declared that IISCO will be a subsidiary unit of SAIL on and from 14th July of 1972. After that the journey of struggle did not stopped; it is in the year of 1985 ABKMEWU has started the SAVE IISCO Committee with AITUC and HMS, step by step others also had joined. The company was taken back from BIFR also. The ruling class has tried to sell it to private company again, but it is the struggle and movement of the employees under the leadership of this Union who did it - the victory the left supported UPA-1 Government has bound to convert it into to-days modernized and profitable ISP.

The key personalities of this union : comrad Banso Gopal Choudhary , President (Mobile No. xxxxxx) and comrade Subasish Bose , General Secretary ( Mobile No. 9434837085 ) .

Postal address of ABKMEWU: Purana hat, Burnpur,West Bengal, PIN:713325 Phone: 0341-2231416, FAX: 03412231678

ASPCEU, Durgapur:

TCEU, Durgapur:

SETU-Rourkella Steel Plant, ROURKELLA :











SAIL Contractor Workers' Union :

RMD Contractor Union :

TISCO K union, TATA :



Hindustan Steel Employees Union (HSEU) in Bhilai Steel Plant of SAIL was registered in the office of Registrar of Trade Unions, Chhatisgarh having Registration No. RYP135 on 20/08/1971 with the aim of the following:

  • To fight & build up struggle against anti working class policies of Government.
  • Protecting the rights of the members arising out of his relation with the employer.
  • Conduct a trade dispute of behalf of a member.
  • Compensate a member for loss arising out of a trade dispute.
  • Pay allowance to a member or his dependents on account of death, old age, sickness,accidents or unemployment of the member.
  • Issue or undertake liabilities under policies of assurance on the life of a member or policies insuring a member against sickness, accidents or unemployment.
  • HSEU Bhilai is the sole bargaining agent of Bhilai steel plant

The key personalities of this union : comrad S.P. Dey President (Mobile No. 9407986567) and comrade D.V.S. Reddy General Secretary( Mobile No. 9406377170 ) .

Postal Address: Hindustan Steel Empoyees Union, Qr. No.- 6/F, Street - 44, Sector - 06 Bhilai Nagar (C. G. ). Mobile: 09406377170, 09479062630















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